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Dear Friends,

It is with enormous excitement that I am writing today to unveil the cover of my forthcoming book, Plant-Powered Beauty, The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Care.

After almost two years of hard work with my co-author, Christina Daigneault of Orchard Aromatherapy, we are ready to share our book cover and give you a sneak peek inside our creation. We wrote Plant-Powered Beauty for everyone interested in natural beauty wishing to learn about the healing and beautifying qualities of plant-based ingredients. Our book is a visually stunning companion to natural skincare, an empowering DIY resource for anyone wishing to blend their own healthy products, and an inspiring roadmap to wellness.

I am also humbled by the outpouring of support, and early endorsements by beauty legend, Bobbi Brown, and green beauty icon, Sophie Uliano. Thank you!


Amy Galper



Plant-Powered Beauty will be in bookstores on March 6, 2018 and is available now for pre-order through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. We hope you will take the Plant-Powered journey with us. Click the icons below to pre-order yours today! Please stay tuned for upcoming book signing events and workshops.


FREE | at Saje Natural Wellness in SOHO NYC

Sunday, May 6th | 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Our last Book Party in NYC was SOLD OUT! Don't miss this one!

"Plant-Powered Beauty" is the just-published book by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault. Amy is co-founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and teaches all sorts of Essential Oil and Botanical Beauty Classes at her school in the East Village.

In this playful, interactive event, you will get to mingle with the authors, learn about the book and the inspiration behind it, smell beautiful SAJE remedies and wellness products - and deepen your experience of essential oils.


Have you ever looked at the back of your facial moisturizer or body cream and, despite whatever it claims about "natural" ingredients on the front of the package, seen complicated additives like this?

Isopropyl Myristate,Hydrolyzed Elastin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Benzoate, Triethanolamine, Diazolidinyl Urea,(Red 40) CI74.340

Mass-produced synthetic beauty products make it difficult to know exactly what you're applying to your skin—or how you'll react to them. As a result, they're rarely the best choice for your skin.

Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Plant-Based Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare is a long-awaited resource for those who are ready to harness the power of plant-based energy to maintain their natural beauty and promote health and well-being.

At the heart of Plant-Powered Beauty, readers will find more than 50 easy-to-follow recipes to make their own plant-based skincare and beauty products, such as:

  • Almond Milk Face Cleanser
  • Anti-Aging Facial Scrub
  • Acne Gel
  • Choc-o-Mint Lip Balm
  • Coconut Whip Makeup Remover
  • Vitamin-Rich Hair Boost Scalp Serum
  • Quick & Fresh Cucumber-Thyme Body Scrub
  • Moisturizing Body Oil for Super Dry Skin
  • Natural Mouthwash

With tips and guidance from two seasoned aromatherapists and natural beauty experts, authors Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault also show readers how to deconstruct beauty labels, parse ingredient lists, make informed decisions about the products they use, and better understand how their skin works.

Plant-Powered Beauty unlocks sought-after wisdom for all aspects of plant-based personal skincare and celebrates the shift in beauty trends, bringing us back to natural beauty and reconnecting us with plants and healthy choices.

“As aromatherapists, we have developed a unique and dynamic formulating style that is founded on the belief that beauty is holism—meaning that the whole of beauty is made up of a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit. We want to teach you our natural beauty blending skills so you will have alternatives to today’s marketplace filled with conventional “beauty” products that contain harmful synthetic and toxic ingredients, many cleverly disguised as helpful agents of vitality.”

Amy Galper

Amy Galper, B.A., M.A., Dipl. AT, the pioneering educator behind NYIOA, has been a Certified Aromatherapist for over 17 years, as well as a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator and consultant in organic beauty and wellness. 

Amy has appeared as a featured speaker at the Indie Beauty Expo, Women in
Flavor & Fragrance Conference, and EcoSessions. She has been a guest
lecturer at NYU, and is currently part of the Visiting Faculty at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City.

Over the past several years, Amy has also built a vibrant consultancy practice, offering her expertise—in ingredient research and sourcing, product formulation, wellness event planning, USDA Certification and more—to a number of beauty and wellness brands.

Along with her training in aromatic plant medicine, Amy has a certification from the Ohashiatsu Institute, a B.A from Smith College and an M.A. from NYU—as well as a love of going off the grid with only her husband and a lot of relaxing essential oils.


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See What They Are Saying

"A plant- based diet makes you beautiful on the inside, and Plant-Powered Beauty gives you the tools you need to make sure you're giving your skin the best on the outside. " 

- Bobbi Brown


"Plant Powered Beauty speaks to my soul. It’s an intelligently and beautifully written book, which will serve to both educate and inspire you to go as natural as possible with your beauty regiment. Amy and Christina encourage us to harness the power of plants for healing and healthy glowing skin. Right up my street!"

- Sophie Uliano