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Connecting Health: Aromatherapy and Chakras

$45 - Live Streaming

Wednesday, October 18th | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

With Amy Anthony

Good health is promoted when energy flows. Stagnation promotes sluggishness and dis-ease. A core law of energy states: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It transforms from one form to another.” This workshop will explore the chakras through various concepts and introduce a way of choosing essential oils to work with the chakras & promote the movement of energy.

Look forward to exploring how the following topics connect with healing and health:

  • The electromagnetic field, sound waves & vibration
  • The nervous system as it relates to the chakras
  • The overall characteristics of essential oils as communicators of movement
  • A strategy for selecting essential oils across the chakras
  • Participate in exercises to connect with some of the chakras