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Nourishing the Skin with Herbal Infusions

$45 - Live Streaming

Wednesday, September 26th | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

With Amy Anthony

Explore one of the places where non-aromatic herbs meet aromatic herbs: macerated (aka infused) herbal oils. Herbal infused oils are excellent medicine for the skin and when combined with essential oils add another layer of therapy to your medicine chest. This is an opportunity for you to take part of a time-honored tradition:  infusing herbs into oil is an ancient form of medicine-making.

Following are highlights to look forward to learning about:

  • The benefits of using herbal infused oils
  • How to prepare an herbal infused oil--including best practices
  • The most common carrier oils to use in the preparation
  • How to decant and store an infused oil

Interested in following along at home? We have an herbal infusion kit just for that!