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Exploring: Fruits and Flowers of Aromatherapy

$45 - Live Streaming

Tuesday, July 24th | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm EST

With Amy Anthony

Spring brings flowers, pollinators and the promise of fruits and seeds—life, regeneration and rebirth. This is when the world is brimming with activity. This workshop is an excellent way to take a time-out from the bustle of spring in order to be present and “stop to smell the roses.”

Many of the flower oils have an affinity for the skin. From a doctrine of signatures perspective their sepals, petals and reproductive parts often look like faces that follow the sun and attract the insects needed for pollination. From this perspective we can turn to these plant allies to benefit the skin and also the mind.

Look forward to the following during this 2 hour workshop:

  • Learn about select flower, bud and fruit oils’ therapeutic benefits and spend time getting to know them through.
  • Learn to create your own blend of essential oils to add to an aromatic spritzer.