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Sales Distribution and Branding For Natural Beauty Brands

$319 - Live Streaming

Sunday, April 22nd | 9:30 am - 5:00 pm EST

Creating a beauty brand is just the beginning. Learn how to make your brand the next retail success story, from the most basic items every brand needs, to the details around the most complex transactions. Once ready to launch, every brand owner is faced with important decisions. This class covers the big how-to’s, including:

  • Retail partnerships and placements
  • Negotiating retailer deals; handling product launches
  • Negotiating wholesale agreements and distribution
  • How to make sure their brand becomes a top performer and how to
  • Branding, Pricing and build the right team for success.  

Instructor:  Leilah Mundt, Founder and CEO of Creme Collective, A beauty and wellness brand management agency that represents the industry’s most exceptional brands to retailers nationwide.

This workshop is part of the Executive Entrepreneur Program. To learn more click here.