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Aromatics: Let's Talk About Sex

$45 - Live Streaming

Tuesday, December 5th | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

With Amy Anthony

We live in a time of binary distress—where the whole has been torn into parts. This workshop is intended to explore the female/male or yin/yang as a whole and how aromatherapy may support that view.

Plants don’t discriminate. They offer guidance to recipients, no matter their gender, race, nationality, or creed. Aromatic plants, the “less subtle” of the plants, are especially enthusiastic to communicate and share their messages of health and balance to whomever is accepting.

This workshop will explore the following themes:

  • The physiology of sex: sexual development and how it is expressed through shared but varying levels of hormones.
  • The sacredness of sex and sexuality.
  • How sexual function and regulation of reproductive activity is mediated by the nervous and endocrine systems and how aromatics and aromatherapy relate to these processes.
  • An approach to choosing essential oils to support sexual health.

After exploring these topics, you have been empowered to create your own blend of essential oils to use in an aromatic roller-ball applicator that you may use to support your lovely hormones and sexuality.