Like any science, aromatherapy is mysterious and often misunderstood. Yes, nice aromas have a way of making us feel, but aromatherapy goes beyond fragrance, to a scientific discipline as authentic as any herbal medicine. Based on the molecular properties and behavior of essential oils, it supports our innate ability to heal ourselves—making it a powerful ally in treating mind, body and emotions.

It has been practiced for 4,000 years, since ancient Greeks first saw plants as a living pharmacopeia, used to advance healing and transformation. And today, it’s more supported and relevant than ever: It’s one of the fastest growing healing disciplines. It’s being used to treat stress-related disorders and complement other care. And a growing number of studies are giving it a spotlight in the research community. Practicing aromatherapy is a not only joyful and enlightening, it’s serious science.

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“The biggest pleasant surprise was the science behind it. You’re not just ‘burning sage;’ you’re absorbing, inhaling, diffusing. Instead of telling us ‘it makes you feel good,’ she shows us why you feel good. It’s based in science, so you can’t argue with it."

—Antonia Schreiber, Massage Therapist, Aesthetician & Spa Owner