The beauty of aromatherapy goes beyond its ability to heal or comfort; it’s that when you unlock the full potential of plants, you unlock your own. In discovering aromatherapy’s incredible healing properties, you also discover your power to inspire, to create joy, and to connect deeply not only with essential oils, but with yourself, your clients and a global community of other artisans.

It’s the kind of connection you rarely find in conventional medicine today: personal, positive and engaging on every level, not just the physical. And it’s a genuine art form, where intuition and curiosity are as important as plant intelligence, and finding the right mix means experimenting with a lot of beautiful mediums. Like any artist, you’ll want to keep developing and sharing it forever.

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“You expect to smell oils, but she makes you indulge in it, bond with it. It’s a physical, mental and emotional bond…visceral and truly holistic."

—Antonia Schreiber, Massage Therapist, Aesthetician & Spa Owner