Ancient Attars and Sacred Oils: Reveal Your Own Inner Spirituality


Ancient Attars and Sacred Oils: Reveal Your Own Inner Spirituality



Saturday + Sunday, October 20 + 21 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

With Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer

Infuse "sacred " into the heart of your practice; deepen your knowledge of ancient attars and sacred oils to reveal your own inner spirituality to help heal, reunify and develop your personal myth.

During this 2-day journey of initiation, we will work with these precious oils to bring the sacred back into all parts of the Self; physical, emotional, subtle and spiritual.

You will learn how to feel and reactivate the power of ancient knowledge that lies in your hearts and to re-integrate ritual into your life and practice; a sacred and inescapable practice for holistic and energetic healing.   

You will discover the signature of carefully chosen oils and attars, their language, how they bridge the material and subtle worlds, how to use them sustainably and how they resonate for you individually.  

Who is this workshop for: aromatherapists, massage therapists, counsellors, healers, herbalists, seekers…

Outline: We will be weaving the sacred oils and attars through the following themes during the weekend.

  1. Introduction and opening the circle

  2. History of sacred scent through all the ancient civilizations

  3. Forms of use

    • Fumigations – sagebrush

    • Homemade incense

    • Salves and balms

    • Oils and hydrosols

    • Sprays

  4. Plant parts used

    • Resins and gums

    • Woods

    • Flowers

    • Roots

  5. Attars – what are they and how are they made?

  6. The soul of the plant

  7. Molecules of connectedness- the mind and aroma

  8. Working with the oils as they work through the different layers of the psyche

  9. Working with oils and their effects on the chakras

  10. Birth and death – ritual/ceremony

  11. Body mapping – opening interior spaces

  12. Aromatic journeys – using scent to write 

  13. Conclusion and closing the circle