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The Art and Science of Essential Oil Blending and Formulation

$1,200.00 plus $100.00 material fee | Final three days
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Saturday, March 3rd - Monday, March 5th | 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST

With Michael Scholes

Weekend One has concluded of this 50-hour Master class (January 21st – 23rd) which reviewed how to formulate essential oils for esthetical and therapeutic purpose from a botanical, chemical, and logical prospective. The program focus was on how to choose essential oils by geographical location, individual constituents, botanical family origin, location in the plant, plant signature, color, therapeutic benefit and smell. In addition, dosages, percentages, costs and reality-based models for small and large-scale manufacturing were discussed and how to calculate cost of goods and profitability. Weekend One demonstrated the ability to combine what you know with your experience of what works using one’s intuition in the formulation.  Each student had the opportunity to make 13 blends for health and wellness, including blends for specific symptoms and conditions. Over 140 essential oils where made available for weekend one and more than a dozen floral waters were experienced. Laurie M. responded “I learned so much in only 3 days! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!” The goal of Weekend One was for each student to be able to choose specific essential oils, combine them in a safe manner with maximum effectiveness, and to add to unscented bases, in the appropriate dose, for the condition or desired effect.

Weekend Two (March 3rd – 5th) will be about adding to the foundation we have created so far. We will be moving away from first-aid blending and introducing emotional, subtle, spiritual and sacred blending, using alchemical principles that evoke change within. In addition, I will be teaching how to further fine-tune your blends with the introduction of absolutes, as well as enhancers, modifiers and equalizers. The importance of choosing specific carriers, emulsifiers and botanical bases will also be discussed. You will discover that any blend becomes much more in terms of the sum of the parts. It can be influenced by the order that the oils are added, as well as the energetic information and one’s purpose and intent. Numerology, as it relates to essential oils, will be discussed in relationship to blending. Finally, Weekend Two will review the art of perfumery with instructions on how to make transformational perfumes. Over 100 essential oils, and sacred oils, will be available for blending in the making of 12 of your own personal care products, including an environmental fragrance and personal perfume. The goal of Weekend Two is to be able to make dynamic blends through the use of combining what is seen and unseen in the making of formulations that smell incredible, work more energetically than physically, where change occurs after application and where order is restored.

Can't make it in person? This course is also available via Live Streaming.

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