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Make Your Own Facial Oil Serum with Essential Oils


Thursday, October 26th | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

with Amandine Peter

If you are looking for a natural skincare alternative, concerned about harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors, tired of reading endless and unpronounceable ingredients lists in your cosmetics, this class was made for you!

Nature has manufactured the best remedies for our skin: from anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to skin cell regeneration and reducing wrinkles, essential oils have their fair share of benefits to make us look and feel amazing!

  • Learn how our skin works and what it needs to stay healthy
  • From dry to oily skin, learn how to select essential oils according to your personal needs
  • Discover and experience several carrier oils and make your own personalized face serum!

Also offered via Live Stream: CLICK HERE