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Scent, Emotions and The Energetic Body Series Two


Reach beyond the chemistry of essential oils.

With Amy Galper

Walk-ins permitted if space is available


Wednesday, February 8th
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

This class will focus entirely on smelling a few essential oils. We will sit, breathe, meditate, smell, feel and share -- and explore specifically what our sense of smell tells us about what we feel, how we feel and who we are.

Scent has the extraordinary ability to awaken our unconscious and help us tap into the pulse and heartbeat of what makes us alive, while simultaneously making us aware of our energetic body.  It reconnects us to plants, to ourselves and shows us how to build community and cultivate compassion.

In order to have a framework to understand this more esoteric part of ourselves, we will first take a quick tour of the limbic system, and make sure we understand how the process of olfaction works - but we will always return to the experience of smelling and the poetry of plants.

Please join Amy Galper, Founder of the NYIOA, for this truly unique class - and get to know the wisest part of who you are!