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Aromatherapy & Medicine of the Soul: "The Wounded Healer, the Alchemical Journey and the Sacred Union"



Sunday May 1 and Monday May 2, 9:30 - 4:30 pm each day.

Led by Florian Birkmayer MD and herbalist Cathy Skipper, this two-day workshop is a deep exploration of methods for “healing the healer.” Based on the Jungian view of alchemy as a model for soul transformation, the workshop will guide you through seven “alchemical stages,” and how they can be applied to healing.

Through exercises and other experiential work, you’ll look at how each stage brings up different emotional states—at different parts of the healing cycle—and how essential oils may help you work through them. In shining a spotlight on soul healing—as vitally important as that for mind and body—the experience helps you not only to use oils in an aromatherapy or psychotherapy practice, but in your own spiritual journey.