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Level Two Certification: Advanced Clinical Practitioner Program (Module Three)

An intensive immersion in both the art and science of aromatherapy, our Level Two program is designed for serious professional and holistic practitioners. Having already formed a relationship with essential oils, you’ll sharpen your sensory instincts and plant intelligence at the same time you practice real applications, including analysis of healing case studies and your own research project. By helping you fully integrate aromatherapy into your business or life, the program is a gateway to new possibilities.

Module Three

Sunday April 10 - Student Clinic - Advanced Student provide Aromatherapy Sessions to the public.
Monday April 11 - Student Clinic - Advanced Students provide Aromatherapy Sessions to the public
Tuesday April 12 - Business Practices
Wednesday April 13 - Integrating into health practices
Thursday April 14 - Final research project presentation day.