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Advanced Botany for Aromatherapists: Part One of ACPP Module One

The Advanced Botany Unit, is Part One of the ACPP (Advanced Clinical Practitioner Program) Module One.

Day One: We learn the basic terminology to begin an in-depth study of Botany, and connect with oils from different botanical families, with NYIOA Founder and Executive Director, Amy Galper.

Day Two: Special Guest Richard Mandelbaum teaches!

When done right Botany is not a dry science but rather a bridge to greater intimacy with the plant world.  Many good practitioners who utilize botanical-based remedies do not have a grasp of basic botany and as a result miss out on much of the wonder of the plant world.   During this day-long class we will impart a basic understanding of botany in a way that is at once scientific and relevant to practitioners.  Within this vast topic we will touch on basic plant physiology, taxonomy, and phytochemistry; the observational skills needed to become a good amateur field botanist; and the emerging science of Plant Intelligence, all with an eye to how this knowledge can enrich our perspectives as both practitioners and individuals.
Weather permitting a portion of this class will take place outside with the plants. 
A day long immersion, with Herbalist and Master Botanist, Richard Mandelbaum.

Course book and oils included.